Church Profile

First Baptist Church of Bladenboro

Bladenboro, North Carolina

Church Profile—2017


The members of First Baptist Church of Bladenboro strive to be loving, caring and committed followers of Christ. Anyone and everyone is welcome in our church. Men and women serve in leadership roles in our church—-including the office of deacon. We support the Baptist World Alliance, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC, NC Baptist State Convention, and the WMU of NC with our offerings of money, talent, and energy.

Worship is the heart of all we do at FBC. We are pleased to share our worship services by broadcasting live each Sunday on WZCO 89.9 FM. The Sunday morning service is Live Streamed at . Past services are on our website and each worship service and some special services are recorded. A DVD is available upon request. The Sanctuary Choir is a vital part of the ministry of FBC. The excellent organ and choral music are a part of each Sunday worship service and also have offered comfort through song at funeral services. The children’s choir includes first through sixth graders who are being trained to carry on the excellent music tradition. They sing on various Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. 

Our ministries include a knitting group called Closely Knit who meet each Monday morning. They have knitted, prayed over, blessed and delivered Prayer shawls to over 500 people over the last 15 years. Another ministry of FBC is the Food Pantry which is open the second Saturday of each month to distribute food to those in need. Isaiah 6:8 is a group of young women in the church who make arts and crafts to sell and host paint and praise parties. The proceeds help buy school uniforms for children in need at our local primary school.

Our mission groups’ purpose is to share the love of God with the world, near and far, with our focus on giving to others with our donations of time, skills and money.   The Baptist Men of FBC is an active group. The men meet once a month for a meal and a program. The Baptist Men of our church have built dozens of wheelchair ramps for people in Bladen County and have helped with yard work for shut-ins. The Women’s Mission Union also meets once a month for a program and a meal. Throughout the year these women collect and contribute supplies and money for groups such as Families First, an organization to support victims of domestic abuse. Also, contributions are made to a local drug rehabilitation center. Our mission groups helped with collection of supplies for our neighboring county for the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew. Some of our ladies helped paint a local church after hurricane damage and some of our men helped in debris removal after the hurricane. Kids in Action is a mission minded group of children who meet on Wednesday nights to learn about and do mission work. These are children in first through sixth grade. Mission Friends is another group that meets on Wednesdays and are ages 3-PreK. They are learning about loving all God’s people. This group collected stuffed animals and presented them to First Responders to give to children they encounter in crisis situations. The Youth Group  grades) meets on Wednesday and Sunday nights. This group has taken several trips to Savannah, Georgia to minister to the homeless. Favorite activities include Fort Caswell Youth Retreats and attending Christian concerts. Members of FBC have participated in national and international mission trips. Teams have been to Belize in Central America five  times since 2005. Also groups have been to GulfPort, Mississippi and Helena, Arkansas.

First Baptist Church was organized in 1911 and in 1955 the final expansion was completed. This includes the educational building, fellowship hall and offices.  Every other year since 1966 the church has presented a Live Nativity for three nights before Christmas. The following pastors have served the church:

  1. Iggie P. Hedgepeth                   1911-1918           7 years
  2. R. E. Powell                               1918-1922           4 years
  3. S. N. Watson                              1922-1930           8 years
  4. Remus James Hall                     1931-1944         13 years
  5. Charles P. Burchette                 1945-1951           6 years
  6. John H. McCrimmon               1952-1963         11 years
  7. Thomas C. Womble                   1964-1969           5 years
  8. Harry E. Poovey                       1970-1974           4 years
  9. Roger B. Gilbert                       1974-1980           6 years
  10. Harold A. Shirley                      1981-1987           6 years
  11. E. Steven Ayers                           1988-1992           4 years
  12. Dr. Russell T. Cherry                 1993-2002         10 years
  13. Dr. Bruce A. Young                   2003-2016         13 years
  14. Charles Hester                            2017-2019
  15. Samuel VanSlyke                        2019-2022

The total membership is 256. 

The Pastor of First Baptist Church is a strong leader who works with the Deacons and others in leadership roles. He maintains a strong relationship with the staff. The congregation counts on the Pastor to encourage them to remain faithful and helps equip them to carry out their God directed missions. The visitation of potential and new members by the pastor sets an example for the congregation to do the same. 

The Pastor of FBC is seminary trained and is considered to be the spiritual leader of the church. Members expect the pastor to be able to communicate faith and beliefs through teaching and preaching that is Biblically based, thoughtful, challenging and inspiring.The Pastor is supported by the prayers of the congregation. We want to be the people God calls us to be, and our desire is that our pastor will work with us and lead us in this effort. 

Other information

    • Postal Address:  P.O. Box 176 Bladenboro, NC 28320
    • Physical Address: 500 South Main Street Bladenboro, NC 28320
    • Telephone 910-863-3618
    • Fax 910-863-4530
    • Highlighter is a bi-weekly publication mailed or emailed to members with upcoming events and reminders
    • One-Call phone message system for informing members of urgent prayer requests and reminders of upcoming meetings and events
    • Website: